Mary Zadroga: Amanda met Mary on August 20th of 1989 to welcome her little sister into the world. She has been with Amanda through it all and it is only fitting that she holds the post of maid of honor. Mary has a son, Seanie Two-Socks, who is also Amanda's Godson. She resides in East Brunswick, NJ and is a delivery driver for J.Z. Distribution.

Lisa Evans: Amanda and Lisa met back in the spring semester of 2007 at Rutgers. They both took a ballet course that semester on a whim for the two credits, rather than take an academically challenging class of three or four. The best thing that came out of that class led by the actual-ballerina-favoring instructor was their long-lasting friendship. Lisa loves Johnny Cupcakes and penguins. She lives in Hoboken, NJ and is a food scientist at International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF).

Melissa Cantada-Golez: Melissa is Amanda's future sister-in-law, with whom she has already shared many memories. Melissa loves music, festivals, shoes, and her dogs. She resides in Austin, TX with her husband (and groomsman) Ray and her three dogs, Milo, Conor, and Chloe. Melissa is a registered nurse at Texan Surgical Center.

Katie Mancine: Katie is one of Amanda's favorite cousins and is also one of her earliest friends. Katie recently left her cozy life in Philadelphia, where she worked as a freelance graphic designer, to spend four months couchsurfing in New Orleans, where she worked as a street artist. Alas, Katie loves Amanda so much she's returning to the east coast for the summer just to witness Amanda the Cutie Pie marry the love of her life, Dan the Manly Pie.

Marisa Chaples: Marisa is Amanda's best friend from high school. The pair were inseparable; listening to emo music together, going to shows, and acting silly. Marisa is a great crafter and blogger.


Noel Cantada: Noel is Dan's older brother and best man. He resides in Lyndhurst, NJ and works as an outreach counselor for New Jersey After 3.

Nelson Cantada: Nelson is Dan's eldest brother. He lives and works in San Fransisco as a professor of fashion design at the Academy of Art.

Ray Golez: Ray is Dan's brother-in-law, married to his sister Melissa. Ray lives in Austin, TX and works as customer service representative for AT&T.

John Woroneicki: John is Dan's oldest friend. John works at a mortgage firm and resides in central NJ.

Tom Warren: Tom is Dan and Amanda's good friend from high school. He is a trivia champion and loyal friend.